Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Use TVBR AAC-LC Instead of MP3 for your Music Collection

MP3 is seriously outdated people…and so is NeroAACenc.  There are better options out there now and keeping your audio in AAC-LC format at TVBR127 quality gives you excellent audio quality along with small filesizes.
Lack of encoding utilities for doing this is somewhat of an issue…but you can have foobar2000 and QAAC encoding to AAC TVBR127 fairly quickly and painlessly.
Basic steps:
  1. Download and install QuickTime
  2. Download and extract QAAC
  3. Download and install foobar2000
  4. You can access the foobar2000 converter by right clicking a song or songs within foobar2000 and going to Convert -> …
  5. See screens below; foobar essentially decodes the file you’re converting to a temporary wave file and passes it to QAAC along with the custom commands you put in the “Parameters”
  6. Convert!
I guess you could always keep your whole collection in FLAC as well if you have the space…but I think that TVBR 127 is the new best lossy audio format vs MP3 320KBps that a lot of people still seem to be using.


  1. "You might want to optionally add --no-optimize option. --no-optimize directs qaac not to optimize the MP4 container file after encoding. Optimizing is a bit time consuming process for very large files, and it's needless because foobar2000 will also touch encoded file after encoding has finished, to write it's own tags or something."

    -Github Qaac Wiki

    Encoding is about 3x as quick for me when using the --no-optimize option

  2. I forgot this "Since qaac accepts high bit depth sample formats like int32/float32/float64, You can set "Highest BPS supported" to 32."