Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HTC One Car Dock from ProClip

I was looking for a good car dock for my new HTC One to use in my 2008 BMW 328xi (E90) and came across the ProClip website:

You choose a mounting base that is custom designed for your car, in my case part number 853598.  This guy clips right on top of the AC vent and is incredibly easy to install.  Whether or not it'll be easy to remove in the future is another question but I won't need to worry about that for a while.

Another customized holder for your phone screws onto the mounting base, in my case 511524 for the HTC One.  (note that you can also choose options with integrated charging)

Once you have everything installed it looks like this:

The grand total for both of these parts was $78.63 shipped which is quite pricey but at least in the future if you get a new phone you only need to buy the phone holder part.  The plastic used is extremely solid (feels like polyamide) and the phone is held very well while driving.  The mounting location is also almost perfect for me as it's easily within arms reach but doesn't block any of my view through the windshield or any of the buttons on the dashboard.

The only issue that I've found is that it can cause a little bit of dashboard creak since it kind of pries the bottom portion of the trim slightly outward, so if you're one of those people who can't stand any creak in their BMW you'd best steer clear.

Overall this is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice phone car dock.  They have all sorts of solutions for nearly everybody so take a look at their website.

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