Monday, June 9, 2014

Custom Battlestation Computer Desk Design

This is a design that I previously submitted on Imgur / Reddit.

Yangorang's Custom Battlestation Desk & Mancave

As with most of my custom stuff this was the result of my annoyance with existing products on the market.  I wanted a much larger desk than most as I like to put a lot of stuff on it, and I wanted a keyboard tray wide enough to accommodate my CAD mouse and a super large mouse pad.  While I was at it I stuck in some integrated cord management and a little shelf for my active studio monitor speakers.

The most commonly suggested addition to the design on Reddit/Imgur was a cupholder, but I decided against this since I didn't feel it would fit into the overall minimalistic and clean theme of the design.  Clearly this desk wouldn't suit everyone, but at the end of the day it's a custom design by me for myself and it embodies everything that I value in a desk for my usage scenario.

Project Summary:!AkDiurnLC4Frh6wKEfHdKSvUApzdhA
DWF CAD File:!AkDiurnLC4Frh6wLI9yiaFw_aNecUA

Feel free to request the latest CAD files from me directly via email.  The CAD files are native to Autodesk Inventor but I can export them to a few other formats if needed.  The design is freely available to anyone who wants it.

The desk was constructed for me by Intrigue Custom Creations of Scottsdale, AZ:

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